2023 Baroness LM101 Floating Head Greens Mower


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The mower unit is now independent from the drive unit so that it can follow the greens without being affected by the operator. The grass box is also independent from the mower unit. If grass clippings, thatch and sand increases in the grass box, it does not affect the cutting angle of the mower unit, preventing the cutting height from fluctuating, allowing the mower to mow consistently and evenly. 

The industry’s shortest distance between the front and rear rollers combined with a 4 inch 11-blade diameter reel the LM101 is designed to prevent scalping and minimize damage to the turf. The durable blades, made of Baroness’ own special steel, contribute to both a healthy clean cut from first cut to last creating a beautiful after cut appearance and high turf quality, thus achieving the ideal greens.

  • Engine: 3.5HP Honda GX120, 4-stroke, OHV single cylinder gas engine.
  • Reel Options: 11 Bladed DPA Reel – 22″ width of reel.
  • Height of Cut Range: .079″ – 1.12″
  • Efficiency: .52 acres/hour
  • Independent Cutting Unit: The reel is seperate from the drive unit.  The reel can easily be removed for maintenance with no tools.
  • Independent Grass Catcher: The Grass Catching Basket is independent from the floating reel.  Regardless of the amount of clipping in the basket, the reel will not be affected.
  • B-ACT – BARONESS aggression cutting technology: Most of the mowers and mower units produced by Baroness are equipped with B-ACT. B-ACT allows the end user to adjust the cutting aggression to better fit their individual course needs.
  • Included Options: Transport Wheels, Bi-Directional Steel Groomer, LED Light & Grass Catcher
  • Pricing is the 2023 MSRP with AVAILABLE inventories!!  Call today for a Demo or quantity pricing.


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