2023 Baroness TR50 Greens Mower Trailer


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The TR50 is the first Baroness walking greens mower trailer manufactured by Baroness. The TR50 has 2 different ramp options; drum version or tire version. The drum version allow the operator to transport the mower without the transport wheels, the operator can also remove and fit the travel wheels to the mower while the mower is on the drum ramps, this saves the life and condition of the drum. The tire version allow the transport wheels to be transported while fitted to the mower. This option is preferable for courses who choose not to park the transport cart near the greens.  The TR50 is also adjustable to fit the various widths of the Baroness pedestrian mowers (22″ and 26″).

  • Simple & Easy Loading and Unloading of mower
  • No Contact During Transport: The mower unit is elevated and does not contact the trailer during transport. The benefit of this feature is that the set HOC is not tampered with due to contact of the mower unit and trailer. This keeps a consistent HOC from one hole to the next.
  • The TR50 can easily adjust to accommodate different mower widths.
  • Available with two options: Drum version or Tire version.
  • 1-Step Locking Ramp: The ramp tilts when loading the mower and locks into transport position. When unloading the mower, a single action step pedal releases the ramp. *Extra locks secure the ramp during transport.


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