True-Surface® Vibe V™ Vibratory Greens Rollers


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  • True-Surface® Vibe V™ attaches directly to the mower you already own.
  • These units are designed for the Toro Greensmaster Triplexes.
  • Select the amount of vibration you want to release into your greens with the patented Select-A-Vibe™ Dial.
  • With 5 settings, you can select the EXACT vibration needed for your application to fit your greens:
      1. Establishing new greens
      2. Regular greens rolling – at least every other day
      3. Vibrating-in topdressing
      4. Truing greens after aerification
      5. Tournament preparation rolling
  • Controllable Results – True-Surface® Vibratory Greens Rollers use vibratory action to deliver controllable results. By varying the speed of your triplex motor and adjusting the Select-A-Vibe™ Dial, you can create consistently true conditions on your golf course greens. Conditions become so accurate you can provide greens within 2-4 inches of each other in a stimpmeter reading.
  • A Lightweight Product – Using vibration keeps us so lightweight. The Vibe V™ weighs about the same as your cutting reels. This means you can achieve healthy greens without adding stress to your triplex hydraulic motor.
  • Versatility – Using vibration gives the Vibe V™ more versatility than any other golf course greens roller. Its adjustable vibratory action allows you to roll for turf health, speed, and consistency, while also letting you vibrate-in sand topdressing, remove dew, and smooth the greens after core aerification. No other greens roller gives you so many options.
  • These units are Rusted and will require some TLC, but they are currently fully functional.
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