True-Surface® Greens Care Collection w/Vacu-Cutter™ for Toro TriFlex


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True-Surface® presents turf maintenance equipment that finally works for your budget and your greens. The Greens Care Collection is designed to make your greens care program fast and easy while still keeping your budget fat.

  • Sturdy Frame Design – Unlike other interchangeable systems, True-Surface® is not compromised by a flimsy clam-shell design. The Greens Care Collection frame is designed to withstand golf course conditions, such as weather, shop floors, and chemicals.
  • Easy-to-use Depth of Cut Site Gauge – No more counting “clicks” and turns; the True-Surface® Depth of Cut Adjuster has a Site Gauge that allows you to quickly adjust your settings by simply choosing your mark.
  • Time Saver – Change out your inserts without detaching the Greens Care Collection from your greens mower.
  • Interchangeable Inserts – The True-Surface® Greens Care Collection will do what would normally take multiple types of equipment to perform. Stop buying expensive equipment – just start your collection of greens care inserts!
  • With 13 interchangeable inserts, the Greens Care Collection will transform from a de-thatching machine, to a turf sweeper, and then again to a greens aerator or even a turf groomer. Easily switch from 13 different tasks!
  • INCLUDES: Vacu-Cutter™ – The Vacu-Cutter™ insert is the ultimate de-thatching machine that removes and vacuums up 20 times more material than standard OEM verticutters. Its vacuum-power system shoots the material directly into the grass basket without additional clean-up. Two models are available — a standard 45-blade and a less aggressive 32-blade. The 32-blade provides more spacing between each blade, and has a lighter option for verticutting.
  • Designed for the Toro TriFlex.
  • Units are like NEW!  Don’t miss your chance at this innovative system for Greens Care.


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