Lely Ground Driven WFR Fertilizer Spreader


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Ground driven broadcasters are used for spreading fertilizer on golf courses, sports fields, parks or green areas. The W broadcast spreader is an accurate way to apply lime, turf seed, grains and sand. Land wheels are fitted with tractor profile (WGR), or lawn flotation (WFR) tires. All the standard features of the WFR are included and the optional mass feedring and short spoons give a spreading width of up to 18′ (6 meters).

  • Hopper capacity of 550 lbs* (350 kgs)
  • Forward speed of 4.5 mph (7.2 km/h) gives an effective spreading width of up to 52′ (16 meters)
  • Disengagement for towing, remote rope feed control and side spreading adjustment is standard.
  • Spreading system: The spreading pattern adjustment plate, with section indication, provides a variety of settings to ensure simple operation.
  • Dynamic design: Six dynamically designed spoons direct a metered quantity of material to the field, ensuring a constant and precise material feed from the disc to the spoons.
  • Easy to clean: All Lely broadcast spreaders have hoppers that can be removed or tilted up by one or two latches, making for a quick and easy cleaning of the critical feed ring assembly area and ejector disk, as well as ensuring a long life for the spreaders.
  • This unit is in excellent condition and it is rare to see used spreaders for sale.  They are generally a “Buy and Hold” item for Turf Managers.


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