2016 Toro QAS™ Bunker Pump for Sand Pro®


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Bring your flooded areas back in play faster while requiring only one person to operate. Driven by the Sand Pro’s powerful onboard hydraulics, the QAS™ Bunker Pump throws water up to 40 feet (12.2 metres), pumping 95 gallons per minute (360 litres per minute). The Bunker Pump utilizes the exclusive Quick Attach System™ (QAS) and can mount on the front or rear of a Sand Pro® (rear-only for the 3040) for added versatility. An available hose kit gives added flexibility allowing the QAS™ Bunker Pump to be dropped into hard to reach areas.

  • Throws water up to 40′ (12 m) and can pump 95 gal/min (360 l/min)
  • Adjustable throw direction and angle
  • Requires Rear Remote Hydraulics – Quick connect design allows rear powered attachments to be connected in under a minute.
  • Like New pump in Excellent Condition


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