2016 Toro Multi Pro® 1750 – 175 Gallon Capacity


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Leading sprayer technology, proven reliability and innovative accessories provide many performance and operational advancements. Every aspect of the spray system has been engineered to deliver unsurpassed spray accuracy, aggressive agitation and faster response time. Consistently delivers desired spray rates in even the most demanding environments.

  • Engine – 25hp (18.6kW) Kohler®, CH740 Command series, twin cylinder, air-cooled, 4 cycle gas engine.
  • Ground Speed – Forward: 0-11.5 mph (0-18.5 km/h) Reverse: 0-2.5 mph (0-4 km/h) – 3 Speed Transmission w/Clutch.
  • Boom Assembly – 18.5ft (5.6m) triangular truss-style w/Hydraulic Lift/Lower.
  • Quick Find™ Console – The Quick Find™ Console helps the operator intuitively find boom and actuator switches with the palm of their hand and places command of all key vehicle and sprayer systems at the operator’s fingertips for ease-of-use and improved control. The Info Center display and the analog pressure gauge, which are convieniently located just above the boom section and actuator switches, keeps all key sprayer operation data in the operator’s line of sight.
  • Hill-Assist – To help prevent the 1750 from rolling backwards when parked on an incline, the hill-assist feature holds the vehicle while the operator releases the clutch pedal.
  • Six Diaphragm Pump – An industry exclusive! This oversized pump satisfies the highest spray rates while simultaneously supplying aggressive agitation flow. The self-priming, positive displacement design means the pump can be run dry without damage.
  • Ground Speed Proportional – Application rate remains consistent even when ground speed varies. If the operator speeds up, the pump speed is increased automatically which increases pump pressure. When the operator slows down, the pump pressure decreases accordingly. In other words, by directly linking the pump to the transmission, the system helps to ensure that fluctuations in ground speed will not affect application rate.
  • Options Include:
    • Foam Marking Kit – Foam dollops ensure accurate parallel path tracking. Select foam for either boom or both using a turn-signal style control switch.
    • Rear LED Boom Lights –  Light up your booms in the evening or early morning for better visuals
  • Hours: 1665 Hours


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