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2016 John Deere 9009A TerrainCut™ Rough Mower


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  • Engine: 55.1 hp, Direct Inject Turbocharged Diesel B20 compliant
  • Width of Cut: 9 Feet; 108 in.; 6.75 in. overlap between front and rear decks.
  • The 9009A TerrainCut™ Mower 27-in. (68.6-cm) deck features a deck design with an asymmetric rear discharge cutout and molded chute to promote better airflow, leading to improved clipping dispersal and cut quality.
  • No-tool notch system for easy height-of-cut adjustments.
  • LoadMatch™ for excellent climbing and cut quality.
  • The AutoPedal system allows the engine to only run as fast as needed, meaning that as operators transport around the course, the engine speed is only as fast as needed for the transport speed. If the operator approaches play and stops, the engine rpm goes to idle. This makes transporting quieter and since the engine does not run full speed all the time, it reduces fuel consumption.
  • Traction Drive: eHydro™ servo controlled hydraulic traction pump provides flow to All-wheel-drive GRIP system; GRIP traction provides hydraulic flow between front and opposite rear wheel for increased traction to reduce ‘high side tire slippage.
  • Controls: TechControl Display located on Command Arm; displays machine warnings, on-board electrical diagnostics; service timers on large easy to read screen; quick on the go settings for mow and transport speed; Turn Speed; LoadMatch™ and ON/OFF Weight Transfer and Cruise Control Use selection:; Cutting unit drop rate adjustment; ALL settings are pass code protected.
  • HOURS: 1064


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