2015 John Deere 7500A Precision Cut™ Fairway Mower


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  • Engine: 41.6 hp Direct Inject Turbocharged Diesel engine.
  • Passcode-protected TechControl display enables quickly setting or changing mowing speed, turning speed, or transport speed to limit variations in performance by different operators.
  • The eHydro™ traction pump and wheel motors in the new A-model takes performance, traction, and operation to the next level.
  • TechControl Display; Located on Command Arm; displays machine warnings, on-board electrical diagnostics; service timers on large easy to read screen; quick on the go settings for mow and transport speed; Turn Speed; Loadmatch™ and ON/OFF Cruise Control Use selection: all settings are pass code protected
  • Throttle: Automatic controls with AutoPedal foot controls; manual control through TechControl display.
  • Reels: 5″ Diameter, 11 Bladed Quick Adjust QA5 Reels – HOC Range: 0.078″ to 1.125″
  • AutoPedal™ lowers fuel consumption and noise.
  • Set mowing turn speed to reduce scuffing.
  • Options: Canopy w/Cool-Top Fan & Lights
  • HOUR: 1379


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