2015 John Deere 7200A PrecisonCut™ Trim & Surrounds Mower


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This mower changes the way trim and surrounds areas are maintained.  The 7200A is Final Tier 4 compliant without sacrificing horsepower. With the exclusive Width On Demand system, right at the operator’s fingertips. Operators can change the width of cut on the go with the simple toggle of a switch. The Reach Trimming System, which allows you to extend either the front left or front right deck 15″ beyond the outside edge of the tire, allowing you to trim around bunkers and other areas.

  • Engine: 7200A PrecisionCut™ Trim and Surrounds Mower has an abundance of power and performance with this FT4 solution. The 3-cylinder 24.7 hp (18.4-kW) at 3000 rpm diesel engine.
  • TechControl display: Located on CommandARM™ armrest; displays machine warnings, onboard electrical diagnostics; service timers on large, easy-to-read screen; quick on-the-go settings for mow and transport speed; turn speed; LoadMatch™ and ON/OFF cruise control use selection; all settings are passcode protected
  • eHydro™ hydrostatic pump and large-capacity wheel motors for serious hill-climbing capabilities.
  • Featuring both a 68-in. (172.72-cm) to 72-in. (182.89-cm) width of cut for 26-in. (66.04-cm) Quick Adjust 7 (QA7) cutting units.
  • Maximum contour following for a premium quality of cut.
  • Reels: 8 Bladed, Quick-Adjust 7 (QA7): 26″ wide, 7″ Diameter.
  • Options: Canopy with Cool-Top Fan
  • HOURS: 582


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