2014 John Deere 1600 Series II Turbo Wide-Area Mower


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  • 57 HP Yanmar turbo-charged diesel engine delivers exceptional power and torque in tough mowing conditions, while still ensuring fuel economy.  NO TIER 4 EMISSIONS ON THIS MOWER!
  • Almost 11 feet of finishing mower width lets you cover large, open areas faster.  The 1600 Wide-Area Mower boast a finishing mower quality cut, 68-acre-a-day capacity and unmatched reliability.
  • The 1600 Turbo is surprisingly flexible—able to maneuver down paths as narrow as 84-inches wide. Also mow with just one wing and the center deck, or just the center deck alone.
  • 1600’s wing decks are able to mow at a 45-degree upward angle and a 20-degree downward angle.
  • Full time or on-demand 4-wheel drive provides excellent traction. Foot-activated differential locks can add traction for hillsides and slippery
  • Deluxe Air Ride Seat features a heavy-duty air suspension with fore / aft adjustment, ergonomic comfort cushions, adjustable lumbar support and arm rests.
  • Semi-pneumatic caster tires for mower decks never need air maintenance, nor will they become flat when punctured.
  • High/Low range lets you mow and transport between mowing sites at speeds up to 14.4 mph.
  • Wide-discharge deck opening provides clipping dispersal for an excellent appearance.
  • HOURS: 2436


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