2014 Baroness SP05 Bunker/Ballfield Rake


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  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard V-twin 356447 13 k w (18 hp ) / 3600RPM
  • Power steering is a standard feature, greatly reducing fatigue during prolonged operation periods. The Baroness Bunker Rake also offers tilt steering with a lock lever.
  • SP05 offers three attachments: Front Flotation Plow, Mid-Mount Adjustable Cultivator, and Rear Drag.
  • Hydro-static Drive
  • Switchable 2WD/3WD: 3WD is used for making small-radius turns when evening out bunkers, while 2WD is used while traveling for faster speed.
  • 2WD 9.9 mph (16 km /h) / 3WD 8 mph (12.8 km /h)
  • Headlights for front and rear view.
  • Easy Access to maintenance areas
  • Rear Cargo Box, Cup Holders & accessory box for holding tools.
  • Two(2) rakes available
  • Hours: 2301, 2913


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