2013 Smithco Spray Star 2000


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Ultra low-profile 200 gallon hydrostatic drive dedicated spray vehicle with an air-cooled gasoline engine, 31HP (24 kW) twin cylinder OHV gasoline engine 12 volt electronic ignition, full pressure lubrication with oil filter.

  • Low-profile, mid-mounted engine design offers excellent stability and performance in the most demanding turf conditions.
  • Infinitely variable hydrostatic drive, two-speed control features for accurate chemical application.
  • Raven SCS440 Computer Based Spray Control System with GPS Satellite Based Speed Sensor.
    • Precise delivery of pre-selected application rate
    • 3 Individual Boom Control Toggle Switches
    • Record of material applied and area covered
    • Foot switch for booms
    • O-ring seal thread-less spray system
  • Hydraulic power steering controls the most maneuverable mid-size spray vehicle on the market.
  • Sprayer performance:
    • Application rates: 20-220 gallons per acre
    • 0.5-5 gallon per 1,000 sq. Ft.
    • 180-2050 liters per hectare
    • Production rate 6.4 acres/hour @ 3.5 mph (5.6 kph)
    • Up to 75 acres per day
  • High volume stainless steel centrifugal water pump with audible low pressure warning system and automatic air-bleed prime feature.
  • Quad-Turbo 4 jet tank agitation.
  • 18.5ft (5.5m) 11-triple nozzle truss-styled structure boom with tips and strainers, 12 volt powered outer section fold/deploy.
  • Self-cleaning line strainer for reduced maintenance.
  • Reliable motorized ball valves for boom section control.
  • Modular nylon plumbing spray system for reduced maintenance.
  • ROPS standard, twin seat design.
  • Options include: Foam Marking Kit & Manual Rewind Hose Kit.
  • HOURS: 1657


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