2012 John Deere 8000 E-Cut™ Hybrid Fairway Mowers


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The 8000 E-Cut™ Hybrid offers the superior maneuverability of a triplex mower, and a narrow 80 in. width of cut that’s ideal for highly manicured courses that want to mow their fairways like their greens. In addition, they add the confidence and fuel savings of alternator-driven electric drive cutting units. By eliminating the need for hydraulics running to the cutting units, these mowers eliminate all potential leak points in the reel circuit. And since individual electric reel controllers maintain a consistent reel speed, cut quality is always ideal.

  • A 37.1 hp diesel engine provides plenty of reserve power for optimum cutting.
  • 7 Bladed Reels w/Front & Rear Roller Scrapers.
  • Electric reel drive cutting units eliminate the possibility of hydraulic leaks from the reel circuit. Engine can be throttled down to save fuel and reduce noise, without affecting the reel speed. It always stays steady at 2200 rpm for a consistently ideal frequency of clip.
  • 3WD deliver excellent maneuverability and better after-cut appearance with one less tire track. Smooth front drive and steering tires reduce the possibility of turf scuffing while still providing good traction.
  • A revolutionary Speed Link system makes it possible to adjust height-of-cut to both sides of the reel in no time. A linking bar connects both sides of the rear roller to a high-reduction ratio worm gear, allowing 25/10000th of a cm (1/1000th of an inch) adjustments to be made to both sides of the roller simultaneously.
  • Exclusive double-acting steering cylinder equalizes right and left pressure, just like a greens mower, so it’s incredibly easy to hold a straight line.
  • Options Include: ROPS, Grass Catching Baskets, Roller Scrapers & Lights.
  • Four(4) Two(2) Mowers remaining
  • Hours: 1381 & 1307


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