2011 Toro HDX-D 4WD Workman w/2014 MultiPro Sprayer


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2011 Toro HDX – D 4WD Workman utility cart

  • B&S Daihatsu® 950D, 3-cylinder, inline vertical, 4-cycle, liquid cooled, counterbalanced diesel engine 24 hp (17 9 kw); governed to a maximum
    speed of 3600 rpm Mechanical centrifugal governor 58 0 cu in (950 cc) displacement.
  • Instrumentation: Fuel and coolant temperature gauges, Hour meter, Oil pressure, glow plug and battery charge indicator lights Tachometer and speedometer.
  • Four Wheel Drive – The Automatic on Demand four wheel drive feature, on this vehicle does not require operator activation. The front wheel drive is not engaged (no power delivered to front wheels) until the rear wheels begin to lose traction. The bidirectional clutch senses the rear wheels slipping, engages the front wheel drive, and delivers power to the front wheels.
  • Rear PTO for driving the pump for the sprayer.
  • Hand Throttle to maintain constant speed.
  • 4 Post ROPS
  • Hours: 2062

2014 Toro Multi Pro® WM – 200-Gallon Sprayer

  • 200 Gallon Chemical Tank – Elliptical tank design prevents chemicals from building up in ‘dead spots’. Square tanks with interior ledges can lead to misapplication or residual chemicals left in the tank after the spray application. The tank incoporates a 16″ side-offset fill well for easy access when loading chemicals. Durable polyethylene material won’t crack, dent, rust, chip or peel. Four, 30-degree, side-mounted, agitation nozzles continuously ‘roll’ the tanks contents.
  • Quick Find™ Console – The Quick Find™ Console helps the operator intuitively locate boom and actuator switches with the palm of their hand and places command of all key vehicle and sprayer systems at the operator’s fingertips for ease-of-use and improved control. The Info Center display and the analog pressure gauge, which are convieniently located just above the boom section and actuator switches.
  • Six Diaphragm Pump – An industry exclusive! This oversized pump satisfies the highest spray rates while simultaneously supplying aggressive agitation flow. The self-priming, positive displacement design means the pump can be run dry without damage.
  • CLEANLOAD EDUCTOR KIT – This on-board mixing station allows rapid and safe loading of any chemical without the need to first mix into a slurry Incorporates a built-in bottle wash nozzle and has an optional suction lance to pull in powdered or liquid products from their container.
  • FRESH WATER RINSE KIT – Simplifies and automates the triple-rinse process, saving hours and hours of clean up time.
  • PIVOTING ELECTRIC HOSE REEL KIT – 150’ (45.7 m) of hose for hand or walk spraying applications. Convenient electric powered rewind.
  • PRO FOAM MARKING KIT – Foam dollops ensure accurate parallel path tracking. Select foam independently or both simultaneously.
  • Hydraulic Lift/Lower of Truss Styled Boom.
  • Controls – Spray pump control switch, agitator jet switch, rate switch, individual boom On/Off switches, boom actuator switches, indicator lights on pump, agitation and boom switches, throttle lock.
  • Fresh Water Tank for operator
  • Includes Storage Stands if you want to remove the sprayer from the cart.


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