2011 Dakota 410 Electric Turf Tender – 48 volt


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DAKOTA Turf Tenders are the most versatile, cost-effective, and accurate material handlers and spreaders on the market. These durable units allow you to cover large areas while maintaining an extremely light footprint so as not to disrupt turf, and are ideal for topdressing sports fields, fairways, and greens.  The Turf Tender 410 series from DAKOTA Peat & Equipment is designed for superintendents to save time and labor costs, and meet turf maintenance needs, be it moving, spreading, filling, or leveling.

  • One Yard Hopper Capacity
  • Four(4) 2018 Gel Cell Batteries
  • Led Battery Gauge.
  • Adjust Spinner And Belt Speed From The Control Box.
  • Spread Heavy Or Light.  Spread Wet Or Dry Materials.
  • Spread Over 50 Loads On A Single Charge.
  • Whisper Quiet Operation



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