2009 Toro MultiPro® 5700D Turf Sprayer


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  • Engine: Kubota®, 91 cu. in. (1491 cc), engine displacement, 35.5 hp (26.5 kW) @ 3000 rpm, vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle, 4-cylinder,
    Diesel, 35.6-49.8 psi oil pressure, 5 qt. (4.7 liter), oil capacity.
  • Gauges/Indicators: Sprayer pressure gauge, engine oil pressure warning lamp, over-temperature warning lamp, low voltage warning lamp, glow plug indicator lamp, and hour meter.
  • Controls: Foot operated traction pedal, brake, brake lock pedals, and master boom on/off switch. Hand-operated throttle, speed control, ignition switch, light switch, pressure increase/decrease, hydraulic spray pump, agitator, individual boom on/off switches, and boom lift.
  • Solution Tank: 300 gallon, High density, impact resistant polyethylene with large 16″ (41 cm) fillwell.
  • Spray Pump: Dual diaphragm pump, 30 gpm (114 liter/min) output. Capacity range up to 220 psi (1500 kpa) max.
  • Agitator: Jet agitators for full tank agitation.
  • Sprayer Nozzles: Drift reduction, quick-disconnect with diaphragm check valves. Turret style.
  • Options Include:
    • Pro Control™ system
    • Pro Foam marking system
  • HOURS: 2350


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