2005 GreenTek® Thatch-Away Supa-System for Toro 3150


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There is just nothing to compare with the Thatch-Aways’ unique ability to cleanly cut out and collect up thatch. And on top of that, the way they leave the surface beautifully groomed and immediately playable. But there’s also much more that the Thatch-Away Supa-System will do – just as easily and effectively. The Supa-System is the perfect partner for your greens triplex mower, and maximizes its usefulness like nothing else does.

  • With their revolutionary Fan-Force® Tungsten tipped blades spaced at just 3/8″ apart, the Verticutter Cassettes will remove and vacuum up an incredible amount of thatch.
  • These units are designed to be used with a Toro Greensmaster 3150 Triplex.
  • Most courses use them set between 0 – 1/8″ working depth. Maximum depth is 1/4″.
  • Long life fan assisted  1/16”  tungsten tipped blades.
  • 3/8“ spacing.
  • Built in blade protection system.
  • Spare Parts and accessories for ThatchAway products are available from your Redexim distributor.
  • Nine(9) different cassettes can be inserted into this system for rolling, brushing, verticutting, spiking, etc.
  • For more information on the system, go to: http://greentek.uk.com/products/thatch-away/usa/overview-usa/
  • Verticut units are in excellent condition! Start building your greens care system with this system


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