1999 Toro HydroJect® 3000 Water Injection Aerator


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The advantages of the HydroJect 3000 extend beyond traditional core aeration. High velocity water injection more deeply penetrates (an average of 4″ to 8″, or beyond 20″ with additional shots) and laterally fractures the soil layers at 2,500 psi. This deeper and adjacent penetration advances root growth and improves water uptake which in turn gives you a more stress tolerant turf and a more uniform appearance.

  • No Surface Disturbance: With HydroJect there’s virtually no disturbance of the turf’s surface.
  • Achieve depths from 4″ to 8″
  • No surface disturbances, greens are playable immediately after.
  • Provides faster & more uniform putting.
  • Allows for better sod and seed establishment.
  • Promotes root growth.
  • Can be used on tees & hard pan areas.
  • Uses approx. 150 gallons of water to aerate 7,000 sq. ft.
  • The HydroJect 3000 is also ideal for treating compacted areas.
  • CLEAN/FILTERED Water must be used to avoid damage to this machine.
  • Hours: 688


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